New - Hometrolley

emotional minimalist design

sophisticated craftsmanship

highly durable materials


The home trolley is individually made to order. The delivery time is approx. 4 - 7 weeks. Shipping is via DHL.


Base area top plate 45 x 31cm Total height with plate 110cm Door opening 42 x 25cm, common bottles fit in here, as do records. The door opens with a push to open mechanism and is held closed magnetically. Trays 36 x 24 x 6 m outside; 34 x 22 x 4.5 cm inside

Neu - MBK12 Hometrolley

Discover the home trolley made of solid oak - a combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Traditional aircraft trolleys were designed with functionality and weight in mind, and at low cost to the aircraft manufacturer or airline.

The MBK12 Hometrolley now presents itself as a high-quality piece of furniture made of solid oak, which aesthetically enhances every room. 

With the variants offered, including a home bar, a home office printer station with A4 paper trays, a turntable tower and an espresso station, the home trolley offers many possible uses. Whatever it is used for - it is an eye-catcher for the respective environment.

The characteristic transparency of the home trolley, realized by solid oak slats worked into the floors, creates subtle shadow patterns and gives the room a special atmosphere. The intentionally open structure encourages the choice of objects to be housed and displayed, supporting a minimalist approach. The typical "stuffing" with all sorts of things is immediately noticeable and is therefore usually omitted.

The home trolley forms a symbiosis of practicability and aesthetic standards, which gives rooms elegance and a highlight. Every room deserves a highlight, which is hopefully not the television.

We see the home trolley as a further development of our modular bar trolley - classic. With its small footprint and transparency, the home trolley comes closer to our ideal of minimalism.

The "drawers" are actually trays to be taken out in a second. These can be placed on the desk as they are decorative on all sides and have no grooves, rails, screws etc. anywhere.

The top panel snaps on and off, without tools and in a second. This will expose the handle for pushing the home trolley.   

Due to the individual wood grain, each home trolley is unique, regardless of the equipment.


Technical specifications

Base plate top 45 x 31 cm

Total height with top 110 cm

Door opening 42 x 25 cm, standard bottles fit in here, as well as records.

The door opens with a push to open mechanism and is held closed magnetically.

trays 36 x 24 x 6 m outside; 34 x 22 x 4.5 cm inside

Material: solid oak, bottoms of the trays are laminated wood with oak veneer on both sides

surface treatment

Natural colored parts oiled with hardwax oil

Black parts stained and oiled with hard wax oil

Weight approx. 20 kg, so rather unsuitable for the average private plane.

Runs on four black rubber rollers, two rigid rollers in the direction of travel at the front and two steering rollers with brakes at the rear.


  1. Basis (home bar)

Without top plate, with three trays

  1. office tower

With cover plate and six trays

  1. turntable tower

With cover plate and a tray

  1. Espresso Station

With cover plate and three trays

Please refer to the last photos for the colors of the trays.

We can usually accommodate individual requests regarding the number of trays and their colour. Please inquire before ordering.

The delivery time is 4 - 7 weeks and depends on our capacity. You are welcome to inquire about the current delivery time before ordering. As always with us, the home trolley is only made to order, we do not keep a warehouse.




For us, minimalism is neither style nor a meaningless sales slogan. It represents a philosophy of life that focuses on the essentials and thus promotes serenity and inner peace. Our goal is to convey the true essence and virtues of minimalism. We do this by creating furniture that evokes positive emotions. In this way we want to dissolve the rigor associated with minimalism and make it more accessible. In short: It just has to be beautiful and wow.





New - Hometrolley


New - Hometrolley

main color

natural oak





width (depth)




delivery time

4 - 7 weeks

1. What are MBK12 bar carts made of?

MBK12's bar trolleys are made of metal. The insert boxes and trays are made of wood and can be combined with one another.

2.Do the bar carts have wheels?

The bar trolleys are equipped with castors so that they can also be used to serve drinks or food.

3. Why are MBK12 bar carts comparatively expensive?

Depending on the equipment, the bar trolleys from MBK12 cost from around 1,100 euros including VAT. The price is explained by the fact that these are individually manufactured items made of high-quality materials. MBK12 bar carts are built to last, not just until you move. Calculated over the potential useful life, bar carts from MBK12 are ultimately less expensive than you might think.