Narrow wall consoles for corridors and living areas

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Wall console - the much smarter wall shelf

The wall console is the modern advancement of the conventional and widespread wall shelf. With a wall console, an apartment can be decoratively upgraded, at the same time you create a space-saving storage area .

With a wall console you can meet several requirements of the living environment at once - a very high practical benefit is combined with a high-quality presentation surface .

It is not surprising that wall brackets have become very popular among home furnishings. Below we have put together information and tips that will make it easier for you to choose the right wall bracket.

The content at a glance:

Wall consoles - the practical decorative miracle

With a wall console you create a presentation area for important things in your everyday life, memorabilia or things that you want to show and present to yourself and others in your living environment.

A wall console is actually a practical storage area for keys, wallet or gloves in winter - small things that you need often and want to keep within reach.

At the same time, with a wall bracket you also gain a very elegant way of presenting things that you would like to keep visible for yourself and others. The well-known family photos that otherwise gather dust in the old family album, holiday photos from the last great trip, flower vases, tins, boxes, candles or jewelry boxes - the possibilities for decorative presentation are almost endless.

Mount your wall bracket at eye level to make it an ideal focal point in your home. Show off all the little things that are important to you or create intelligent storage areas that make your everyday life much easier. How often have you looked for your car key or credit card and not found it - especially when you were in a hurry. A wall bracket can easily solve this problem.

Thanks to the direct attachment to the wall and the compact and minimalist design, wall brackets become intelligent space savers that present themselves in an airy, light look. Difficulties in cleaning, as is the case with chests of drawers or standing cabinets, do not occur with wall brackets. Buying a wall console is a very smart and worthwhile purchase, because you are buying a highly practical and decorative piece of furniture that opens up new possibilities in your living environment. Read in the following section how to find the right wall bracket for you.

How to find the right wall bracket

Wall brackets are available in very different looks, ranging from romantically playful to robust, rustic, to approach the popular country house style, to minimalist-puristic variants.

It certainly depends on your personal taste which wall bracket is the right one for you and fits best into your living environment. The range of materials and shapes is so wide that you will have no trouble finding the right wall bracket.

Narrow, low wall consoles with a reduced and purist look fit well into a minimalist living environment .

Anyone who has already furnished their apartment with country house furniture probably places more value on a rustic and romantic wall console. Ideally, this consists of solid wood with a finish or materials that have been milled to create a vintage look.

A warm and comfortable living atmosphere can be created by using natural wood. However, playful forms of wall brackets are also conceivable, which can very well approximate a very individualistic furnishing style.

The choice of material can be roughly reduced to a simple formula. Wood looks warm, soft and romantic and exudes longevity. Metal looks cool, reduced and minimalist and exudes great robustness.

In addition to the choice of material, there is also the question of the dimensions of the wall bracket. Various forms are conceivable, which can differ greatly, especially in width and depth. The decisive factor is how much space you have available for the wall bracket in your living environment or would like to make better available.

Basically, the principle applies that the larger a piece of furniture, the larger and more prominent it appears in the room. Wall brackets are available in narrow versions with a depth of from 3 centimeters to very deep versions with up to 100 centimeters. The length also varies greatly if you look at the wall bracket designs on offer. The smallest wall brackets start at about 10 centimeters and sometimes go up to a length of 2 meters.

If necessary, check with a small visual aid, e.g. a folding rule, which dimensions of a wall bracket are best suited in your living area in order to best meet your requirements, be it practical storage space or use as a decorative surface.

Wall brackets from MBK12

According to its philosophy, MBK12 focuses on minimalist furniture with a clean and puristic design approach. The simultaneous use of real wood materials creates a unique symbiosis of robustness and sustainability.

MBK12 furniture is handcrafted for long-lasting use. By using various color variants and concentrating on common formats, MBK12 offers a wide range of options. Another important feature is that all furniture from the MBK12 collection can be combined very well with one another.

With the range of wall brackets, MBK12 consistently implements this philosophy. Precious woods from local production are used, which ensure great variability in popular color variants. The manufacturing process of the wall bracket in the in-house factory also ensures that the MBK12 wall bracket meets the highest quality standards.

Individual production of wall brackets at MBK12

MBK12 wall brackets are individually handcrafted in a complex process in our in-house furniture factory in Berlin.

A total of 40 work steps are necessary to produce the finished end product in excellent quality. The wall brackets are custom-made. Only wood from local production is used, mostly oak and also walnut.

Wood is a renewable resource and biodegradable. CO2 is bound and conserved in trees. The raw materials used guarantee a long service life and robustness of the piece of furniture, so that you can enjoy the MBK12 wall brackets for a long time.

The wall bracket set consists of a body that is fixed to the wall with two screws. There are also trays that are embedded in a guide and can be moved sideways as desired.

In terms of approach, it is reminiscent of a modular system. The corner joints are mitred like the corners of the tablet. The outer walls, which are 12mm stable, are beveled with a filigree 4mm fine edge to refine the overall impression.

Variant selection wall bracket MBK12

In order to ensure the greatest possible variety, the narrow wall brackets from MBK12 are available in various sizes and color combinations.

In addition, there are several options for designing the storage areas through the use of partitions.

Color selection: natural oak, grey, green, natural walnut, black, white.

Depth selection: 14 and 26 centimeters

Length selection: 36, 48, 60, 72, 96 centimeters

The height is a uniform 11.5 centimeters.

The advantages of the narrow wall bracket from MBK12

The slim wall console from MBK12 follows the modern popular design language of minimalism. It reduces the concept of the piece of furniture to its essential use. For the wall console, these are practical storage options in connection with a decorative surface. The advantages of the MBK12 wall bracket in detail:

  • space-saving storage and decoration area
  • high variety and color variety
  • inexpensive piece of furniture, which can set strong accents
  • Symbiosis of minimalism and robustness
  • allergy-friendly oiled oak wood
  • breathable wood, which absorbs moisture from the air and releases it again when dry

The MBK12 product configurator

If you are not 100% satisfied with our narrow wall consoles or if you can expand the variants yourself, we offer you the option of putting together a console table with a steel frame in our product configurator.

FAQ: The most important questions about wall brackets

1. What is the maximum length of the wall bracket?

The MBK12 wall brackets are available in lengths from 36 to 96 cm. Thanks to the different sizes, you can use the available space in your bedroom and place them even in small niches.

2. How high is the wall bracket?

The wall console is 11.5 centimeters high (with trays).

3. What is the difference between a wall bracket and a wall shelf?

In principle, you can use the terms wall console and wall shelf for the same piece of furniture. When viewed from a furniture line perspective, wall shelving can be viewed in the broadest sense as a super category of wall brackets and other wall-mounted storage surfaces. Another name from this segment is, for example, wall boards.

4. What wall bracket designs does MBK12 offer?

In accordance with the philosophy of MBK12, the design of the wall brackets is based on minimalism and quality. All MBK12 wall brackets are handmade and can be easily combined with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 collection.

5. What can I store in a wall console ?

A wall console is suitable for understanding all sorts of everyday objects that you should often keep close at hand, such as a wallet or keys. In addition, decorative things can be presented on a wall console, such as photos, pictures, flowers.