Console tables - narrow, minimalistic, timeless

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Console tables - timeless elegance for your home

Console tables from MBK12 impress with timeless elegance and a handcrafted, durable construction. MBK12 furniture attaches great importance to details, excellent workmanship and the ability to combine with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 collection . MBK12 console tables are one of the top products in our offer and are popular with customers from all over the world. This also includes companies that use the console tables for their own product presentations at trade fairs and exhibitions or for decorating offices and business premises.

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Console tables - the timeless classic

Due to the shallow depth, you can easily integrate the versatile console tables into your living environment. The narrow console tables are particularly suitable for narrow corridors or hallways, in which you can hardly accommodate any furniture anyway. On the other hand, you need suitable storage space, which you can easily create with a console table.

The practical storage space of console tables is suitable for storing all kinds of things that you need more often and want to keep close at hand. This includes keys, wallets, gloves, glasses or smartphones. These utensils can be perfectly accommodated in the subdivided boxes and drawers of console tables - based on the model of the FünfS organizing principle , which we have explained in more detail here.

Find the right console table

The choice of console tables is very large. In addition to the various dimensions, there are various materials that have a decisive influence on the overall impression of the console table and need to be carefully considered.


Very narrow console tables are offered from a depth of 12 centimeters and extend to a depth of up to 1 meter or more.

The width has varied from 30 centimeters to over 1 meter. The height is also very variable with up to 1.20 meters. Ultimately, what is decisive for the selection is the living environment in which the console table is to be used and for what purpose. A narrow small console table is suitable, for example, for narrow hallways and hallways with little space.

Larger dimensioned console tables can be easily integrated into larger representative rooms, where the console table is to be used as a special eye-catcher.


The most common materials used for console tables are wood and metal. A combination of both is often found. In general, it can be said that the appearance of wood gives a rather warm, durable impression, which is particularly true when solid wood is used. Meanwhile, metal unfolds a more robust, cool and minimalistic effect. Combined with decorative elements such as flourishes, romantic, playful console tables can also be made from metal.

Depending on the furnishing concept of your living environment, console tables made of wood, various types of metal or even a combination of metal and wood are suitable. The latter is the form of production of narrow console tables used in the MBK12 collection.

Console tables by MBK12

The MBK12 design console tables are timeless pieces of furniture that fit perfectly into any living environment. The console table consists of a hand-lacquered black hand-welded steel frame, which gives the console table a stable support. The surface materials are a combination of oak boxes, oak trays, lacquered trays and lacquered panels.

This opens up numerous possibilities for combining and adapting to the living environment. With the console table from MBK12 you create a real eye-catcher with many different storage options for smaller items. A desired side effect - they bring order to your home.

The very robust and high-quality materials used guarantee a longevity that you will not find in large-scale industrially manufactured furniture. This is also the reason why MBK12 console tables are very popular and in demand, especially in professional use.

The advantages of the MBK12 console table collection

  • a solid workmanship through the use of high-quality materials made of oak wood and steel
  • an individual, timeless design that you can enjoy for a long time
  • a piece of furniture that you can use flexibly and that fits into any living space thanks to its dimensions
  • many possible combinations with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 universe
  • free furniture advice and implementation of your wishes on request

These advantages make the narrow console table one of MBK12's most popular pieces of furniture with increasing customer demand.

The modern design concept of MBK12

MBK12 is a unique furniture concept that combines the advantages of a furniture manufacturer with an individual, timeless design. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship round off the overall impression. MBK12 means - diverse combination options with other pieces of furniture from MBK12 through coordinated dimensions, a large variety of colors and shapes for even more choice and individualization and last but not least a coordinated design, which meets the spirit of the times.

MBK12 is becoming increasingly popular with both individual customers looking for something new and special to set themselves apart from the drab mass-produced furniture, as well as commercial customers looking for robust and durable pieces of furniture for presentation and exhibition purposes .

The MBK12 product configurator

If you are not 100% satisfied with our narrow console tables or if you can expand the variants yourself, we offer you the option of putting together a console table with a steel frame in our product configurator.

You can easily try out different variants on the computer. From the configurator you create a product suggestion that you can send to us with a mouse click. Based on your product configuration, we offer you free product advice and provide you with a non-binding price offer.

Here is the configurator

FAQ: The most important questions about console tables

1. Where are the console tables made?

The console tables from MBK12 are handcrafted in the in-house furniture factory in Berlin, assembled in several work steps and delivered to our customers after thorough quality control.

2. As for the dimensions of the MBK12 console tables

The MBK12 console tables are available in the following dimensions:
Width/Length: 60 centimeters (standard size)
Depth: 24 centimeters (standard size)
Height: 79 centimeters or 85 centimeters

3. How long is the delivery time when ordering a console table?

Since the console tables are individually made to order by hand, you must expect delivery times of 1-2 months. By constantly adapting our production processes, we try to keep the waiting time for your console table as short as possible.