Wall consoles and bedside tables

1. Fastening and assembly

How do I mount the console to the wall?

The consoles and bedside tables are hung on a wall adapter. This is firmly attached to the back. There are two keyhole cuts in the wall adapter. These are hung in the screws (as well as the dowels included in the scope of delivery) on the wall. The console can also later be detached in seconds, without tools.

Drilling distances between the two screws

Bedside table 36 cm = 22 cm drilling distance

Console 36 cm = 22 cm drilling distance

Console 48 cm = 34 cm drilling distance

Console 60 cm = 34 cm drilling distance

Console 72 cm = 46 cm drilling distance

Console 96 cm = 64 cm drilling distance

Can I also attach the brackets to a Rigips wall?

No problem on the part of the consoles, they weigh an average of two kilograms. So it depends on the load with content. Special dowels are available from hardware stores for Rigips walls.

2. Features

Is there space for items under the trays?

Yes, the trays can be lifted off and all sorts of small items can be stowed underneath.

Don't the trays fall down?

The trays are designed in such a way that they protrude 5 mm into the body of the console and are held in a laterally guided manner. They will not fall under normal use and stress.

Isn't a drawer more practical than filling from above?

With the filigree dimensions of our consoles, a drawer with its walls, back wall and floor would destroy space. This means that if a drawer were to make sense at all in terms of the volume to be accommodated, the outer dimensions of the console would be larger.

3. Key magnets

How many keys can I hang up?

There are three magnets for the keys, on which individual keys and rings can be hung. The load capacity per magnet is 1 kg.

3. wood

Which wood is used?

We use first-class oak wood, free of knots and made in Germany. The wood has either a linear or wilder grain. We do not use rustic wood with a knotty structure. The color is usually golden.

How is the wood treated?

The large part is treated with allergy-friendly hardwax oil. This applies to the parts in natural oak and black.

How do I clean and care for the wood?

With a dry cloth. Re-oiling is not required unless the part is subject to mechanical wear over time from hard objects such as keys. This can then be re-oiled. If there is damage, everything is quickly put back in order with a little sanding and oiling.