Hallo! MBK12 war nie ein rein kommerzielles Projekt. Deshalb leisten wir uns jetzt eine kreative Pause, um andere Projekte zu verfolgen.

Hello! MBK12 was never purely a commercial project. That's why we allow ourselves to take a creative break to pursue other projects.

Bonjour ! MBK12 n'a jamais été un projet purement commercial. C'est pourquoi nous nous permettons de prendre une pause créative pour pour suivre d'autres projets.

Our claim


For us, minimalism is neither style nor a meaningless sales slogan. It is a philosophy of life that focuses on the essentials and thus promotes serenity and inner peace. Our goal is to convey the true essence and virtues of minimalism. We do this by creating furniture that evokes positive emotions. In this way we want to dissolve the rigor associated with minimalism and make it more accessible. In short: It just has to be beautiful and wow. And yes, that goes for hangers too!


Our expertise lies in the processing of solid oak wood, which is characterized by exceptional stability and long-lasting resilience. In contrast, pieces of furniture made of chipboard and painted MDF boards are only slightly resilient. This panel furniture only lasts because of its construction, which supports it in all directions, comparable to a house of cards. As such, they are more prone to rapid wear and tear (they age very poorly and become "old") and often do not withstand the demands of a move unscathed. Nevertheless, they are often advertised as “timeless”. But timeless aesthetics without actual longevity prove to be of little use.