Floating bedside tables with solid oak trays

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Floating bedside tables - practical for your living environment

The floating bedside table is one of the most popular pieces of furniture for small prices because it is compact and has many useful uses. Below we explain the essential points to help you choose the right bedside table.

We also give you design tips on how a bedside table can be combined well with other furnishings, how you can improve your living environment with a floating bedside table from MBK12, create order and keep order.

Read on in our little guide.

The content at a glance:

The bedside table as an individual and ideal storage space

A bedside table made of solid wood is an ideal and welcome storage area next to a bed or sofa bed or the extremely popular box spring beds. In a bedside table, all sorts of important and quickly accessible things can be practically stowed away.

The loaded revolver is perhaps a little safer in the drawer of a bedside table than under your own pillow. Apart from this use, which is rather rare in Germany, desserts are suitable for storing books, iPads, night creams, tablets, glasses, dentures, condoms, sleeping masks, ear plugs, baby monitors, mobile phones, bedside lamps or even the ashtray, for all those who, who still get rough in bed, which is not recommended at all.

Floating bedside tables create order and ensure a tidy and orderly living environment. No tangled cables from the charger to the mobile phone. No IPad that's on the floor and you can accidentally step on it when you get up.

Bedside tables solve this problem. They follow the Japanese principle of order, the 5S, which not only serves to create order, but to keep it permanently.

The evolution of the bedside table

The classic bedside table has a long history. In earlier times it often served as a discreet hiding place, in whose drawers one occasionally hid a handgun to strengthen one's own sense of security.

The problem of going to the toilet at night was also circumvented in an elegant and discreet way by installing a chamber pot in the bedside table. The chamber pot was ultimately the real reason why the bedside table became popular.

Until the 1940s, this utensil was installed as standard in every bedside table. Only then did the need to resort to the chamber pot and build it into bedside tables change due to the increasing spread of indoor toilets, which replaced outdoor toilets in the stairwell or backyard.

The bedside table, on the other hand, had long established itself as a welcome storage area in bedrooms. Bedside tables are now an integral part of the living area.

If you like to read in bed in the evening, you don't want to run through the semi-dark room to put the book down just before you fall asleep. A convenient and easy-to-reach shelf is therefore a must for every bed.

With the advent of IPads, smartphones that need to be charged regularly and even overnight, the bedside table has proven its worth as well. The size of the dessert has decreased. He no longer needs to be able to accommodate a book collection.

A small storage area, ideally near a socket, is often sufficient to put down and charge the cell phone or iPad overnight, but at the same time have it within reach to check the latest news or e-mails just before falling asleep or when waking up .

If you look at the development from the practical and necessary, discreet storage function for the nightly need, to a storage area for charging the smartphone, you can already speak of a small evolution that this piece of furniture has undergone over the course of time.

However, the necessity remains. A bedside table is a quasi-set piece of furniture when furnishing an apartment. You will find a selection of MBK12 bedside tables in many variants in our online shop.

How to find the right bedside table

Since the earlier use of bedside tables with built-in chamber pots has now completely disappeared, bedside tables no longer have to appear as a chunky piece of furniture with the impression of a wardrobe.

The most important thing is to create a suitable and sufficiently large storage area on which you can elegantly store your night essentials. As a first step, you should therefore consider which things you want to keep at hand at night and what space you need for them.

If you only have a smartphone that you might even want to charge overnight or an alarm clock that you want to keep handy next to the bed, then a small shelf or even a floating bedside table that consists of just a few shelves is sufficient.

If you like to have a stack of books or magazines around you, you should think about a larger model, which is equipped with drawers and several storage compartments. Experience has shown that many people store not just one book, but often a whole collection of books on the bedside table.

Stability and sufficient size are therefore important. Another important point is to coordinate the design of the bedside table with the sleeping arrangement next to it, be it a sofa bed, a simple chaise longue, a king-size bed or a box spring bed.

In addition to a large selection of colors, MBK12 also offers bedside tables in different sizes in order to create the best possible coordination and harmony between the pieces of furniture.

Bedside tables by MBK12

The highlight of the MBK12 bedside table collection is the narrow floating bedside table with sliding tray. This elegant and minimalistic piece of furniture is made of solid oak.

The floating bedside table reinvents the concept of the bedside table because it focuses on the actual practical and used application. This design approach can be described as purism without superfluous frills.

Drawers are deliberately avoided, as these do not represent efficient storage areas and are more of a waste of space due to their construction. Attention is paid to the optimal use of space. Filigree edges and walls sloping inwards enable efficient use of the available space.

The delivery is fully assembled. Screws and dowels for wall mounting are included.

Custom manufacture of bedside tables at MBK12

MBK bedside tables are individually handcrafted in a complex process in our in-house furniture factory in Berlin. Only local production is used, mostly oak.

Wood is a renewable resource and biodegradable. CO2 is bound and conserved in trees. The wooden parts are custom-made. The raw materials used guarantee a long service life and robustness of the piece of furniture, so that you can enjoy the MBK12 bedside tables for a long time.

Variant selection bedside table MBK12

In order to ensure the greatest possible variety, the floating bedside tables from MBK12 are available in various sizes and color combinations. We offer the floating bedside table both with and without partitions. There are also several options for designing the storage areas.

The advantages of the MBK12 floating bedside table

Floating bedside tables from MBK12 are an evolutionary development and compression of the concept of the bedside table to the essential and necessary.

The minimalist approach offers several advantages that you can unlock by purchasing an MBK12 bedside table:

  • Easy floor cleaning, accessibility for vacuum cleaning
  • discreet piece of furniture that stays in the background, but discreetly brings out its elegance
  • Symbiosis of minimalism and robustness
  • Reduction of storage space to what is necessary in the 21st century
  • Allergy-friendly oiled oak wood
  • Breathable wood, which absorbs moisture from the air and releases it again when dry
  • conscious renunciation of drawers, against forgetting and letting things gather dust

FAQ: The most important questions about bedside tables

1. How deep is a MBK12 bedside table?

The MBK12 bedside tables are 26 cm deep as standard. Due to their narrow width, they are also ideal for small bedrooms and even fit into small niches.

2. How high is a bedside table from MBK12

The MBK12 bedside tables are available in two heights, 10 cm and 11.5 cm. Since the bedside tables are suspended, they can easily be adjusted to the height of a bed.

3. Should a bedside table be higher or lower than a bed?

A bedside table should be about as high as the mattress of the bed. This makes it possible to put things on and pick them up again comfortably while lying down without any effort. put it on the cupboard and take it away again. If the floating bedside table is placed higher than the bed, there is a risk of bumping into yourself. If the bedside table is placed too low, you may no longer be able to reach the shelf properly.

4. Which bedside table goes with a box spring bed?

Box spring beds, including the mattress, have a lying height of at least 60 cm. The floating bedside table should be installed at least at this height.

5. What can be stored in the MBK12 floating nightstand models?

The floating bedside tables by MBK12 are minimalist and have no drawers. The storage space is therefore limited, but can be cleverly subdivided with various extensions in order to create a system of order.