Small bedside table - a furnishing idea from MBK12

A small bedside table - more than a shelf

The bedside table completes the bedroom. Usually as an identical duo, it keeps the most important things within easy reach on each side of the bed. You always have the light for reading and dreaming, the alarm clock, your glasses and your book to hand.

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Good night stories about the change in sleep culture

Since bedrooms have become an integral part of living concepts, the question of storage space has arisen. While the wardrobe and washbasin are assigned to clear areas, the question of accommodating everything that should be within easy reach remained. Around 1900, bedside tables appeared, the function of which became more and more differentiated in parallel with technical and social progress and also led to a change in form.

While equally opulent bedside tables stood next to the massive double bed, the offensive reference to function developed in the 1920s. Without ornaments, with clear lines, bedside tables made of wood and metal were created in various versions, which offered space for reading lamps, books, glasses and water glasses.

Bedside tables previously had fronts closed by doors, but now there are open versions with shelves and just one drawer. They brought a modern lightness into the bedroom that moved away from the heaviness of representation and focused on transparency.

Small bedside tables as assistants in the dark

More and more people are becoming aware of the essential importance of sleep and rest. This is reflected in the design of the bedrooms. Many prefer a minimalist style that focuses on focus rather than distraction. In addition to an excellent mattress and a good bed, this also includes storage space in the immediate vicinity.

The bedroom should be a space for contemplation and healthy sleep. Natural materials are increasingly replacing glittering splendor. Clear shapes ensure a balanced atmosphere and create the best conditions for a low-maintenance, hygienic environment. Wood, metal and linen come together in which earthy tones and structures dominate. The appeal lies in the change of surfaces. This creates exciting effects without restlessness and stress. MBK12 relies on exactly these solutions. The high-quality processed solid wood radiates a pleasant serenity and conveys individuality with its natural color tones. Each bedside table is a unique piece with a special grain.

Matching bedside tables - comfortable, functional, beautiful

You choose your bedside table according to the overall concept. This includes the planned use and your preferences, from reading in bed to optimization through Smart Home or the classic alarm clock. Added to this are the size of the room and its natural light conditions.

Urban people in particular need a retreat to relax undisturbed. Functionality in the bedroom is essential. It is best to remove everything that has nothing to do with resting and focus on your sleeping habits and desires. There are different types of bedside cabinets:

  • compact with doors and drawer
  • floating mounted
  • in combination with metal as a console

Solid bedside cabinets often appear heavy. Floating bedside tables with high tubular steel curves are easy to clean and appear significantly lighter. Precisely mounted and set up, they offer easy access to everything you need and also have space for a reading lamp.

The advantages of the small bedside tables from MBK12

  • a solid workmanship through the use of high-quality materials made of oak wood and steel
  • Fast production and short delivery times thanks to complete production in Germany
  • an individual, timeless design that you can enjoy for a long time
  • Pieces of furniture that you can use flexibly and that fit into any living room thanks to their dimensions
  • many possible combinations with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 universe
  • free furniture advice and implementation of your wishes on request

These advantages make the small bedside tables one of the most popular pieces of furniture at MBK12 with a sharp increase in customer demand.

The modern design concept of MBK12

MBK12 is a unique furniture concept that combines the advantages of a furniture manufacturer with an individual, timeless design. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship round off the overall impression. MBK12 means - diverse combination options with other pieces of furniture from MBK12 through coordinated dimensions, a large variety of colors and shapes for even more choice and individualization and last but not least a coordinated design, which meets the spirit of the times.

The MBK12 product configurator

If you are not 100% satisfied with our furniture or if you can expand the variants yourself, we offer you the opportunity to put together your individual MBK12 furniture with a steel frame in our product configurator.

You can easily try out different variants on the computer. From the configurator you create a product suggestion that you can send to us with a mouse click. Based on your product configuration, we offer you free product advice and provide you with a non-binding price offer.

Here is the configurator

FAQ: The most important questions about small bedside tables

1. What height should bedside tables be?

The shelf must be easily accessible and harmonize with the height of the bed. You will find bedside tables in different heights between 35 and 80 centimeters. Mount floating bedside tables accordingly.

2. What belongs in the nightstand?

Use minimalist concepts, especially in the bedroom. This calms the room and simplifies the cleaning routine. Keep near the bed only what you need for the night or immediately after getting up. This includes a book and glasses, a water glass and a drinking bottle. MBK12 offers you versions with a tray that can be used as a cover and shelf.

3. What dimensions should bedside tables have?

The width and depth of the bedside table depend on your requirements, the available space and the spatial proportions. Most bedside tables are 20 to about 80 centimeters wide and just as deep. Based on simple, clear shapes, MBK12 has designed a solution that, with a depth of 26 centimetres, does not require drawers and is fitted with partitions to ensure a clear overview and order.