The big challenge

Hallways can be difficult to organize because they are narrow and space is often limited. For this reason, if you want to create a functional space that you will enjoy being in, you need to be creative. Here are some essential things to keep in mind when it comes to organizing a hallway:

Tip 1: Keep the hallway neat and tidy

Keep it neat and tidy - try not to have anything out of place or strewn across the floor as this will only make your hallway look messier than it is. Use hooks on the wall for anything that is not used every day, such as B. coats or keys. Very important for sustainable order: Every object needs its fixed place!

Tip 2: A shelf for storing accessories

Consider adding a shelf for accessories like hats, umbrellas, or shoes. If you have children this can be a great place to store their school supplies so they don't forget anything.

Tip 3: Colors change everything

Add some color - You don't want your hallway to look boring, so adding some color will help liven up the space and bring out your personality. Try painting the walls to create a more cheerful atmosphere, or use signs and posters if you want something more interesting. You can even add some plants and flowers if you want an organic look that will reduce stress levels while keeping your hallway fresh and inviting.

Tip 4: Coat hooks make sense

If you wish, you can even use coat hooks or stands to neatly display shoes, coats and bags. It doesn't matter where you place them as long as they are functional and look neat.

Tip 5: Integrate storage device

Use storage devices - using one is a great cue to keep your narrow hallway tidy and organized. You can mount them on the walls or use shelves or boxes that you can put on the floor. The same applies here: Please do not exaggerate the number and size. You'll appreciate how handy these are for keeping a narrow hallway clutter-free.

Tip 6: Carpets make the difference

A solid color rug - this will help you get rid of the hard flooring, plus it will make your hallway look warm and welcoming. Opt for neutral tones like cream, beige or gray over light colors if you want to breathe life into your hallway without making it look cluttered.

Tip 7: Narrow wall brackets solve space problems

The new furniture trend - narrow wall brackets, the practical eye-catcher designer wall brackets made of real oak set surprising accents. A narrow hallway design and slim hallway furniture always pose a challenge: How do you use the available space optimally? How do you make optimal use of all the open spaces so that a hallway can be optimally furnished and designed? With a few simple steps, you can implement a narrow hallway design that is both elegant and practical.

Another challenge is to avoid visual clutter. The risk of visual clutter can be avoided by keeping the hallway as simple as possible. This is especially true when it comes to designing a narrow hallway. Small, but fine and of high quality is the motto.

Narrow wall consoles made of solid wood are also an eye-catcher in the hallway. After all, the hallway is the calling card of the apartment. A beautifully furnished, narrow hallway is a sign of good taste and makes a positive first impression on the visitor. The ideal solution is therefore to use puristic things made of quality materials, such as solid wood or stainless steel. This ensures a harmonious overall picture.

June 12, 2021 — Markus Schroer