If you live in a small apartment, you know the problem: everyday things appear wherever they don't belong. It doesn't matter whether it's the shoes in the hallway or the cooking utensils in the kitchen - chaos is inevitable in a small apartment if you don't opt ​​for a minimalist interior. We will tell you how you can use the space in your home optimally and create additional storage space with little effort.

At a glance:

1st tip: Use storage space on the wall

Basically, the more furniture and decorative items you have on the floor, the smaller your room will appear. Therefore, try to attach as much as possible to the wall. There are enough variants for this. Wall shelves and wall shelves are available in countless variants. Look for a rather unobtrusive design in muted colors. A wall console in white, cream or brown ensures that there is no unnecessary commotion in your living room.

customize colors

It is best to match the color of the wall bracket to your existing furniture. For example, if you have a wall unit in white, the wall bracket in the same shade of white goes very well with it. But you can also create an atmospheric contrast by buying a wall shelf in black. You can mount such wall shelves above the sofa, the sideboard or at any suitable place in the room. They offer space for books, decorations or other items, but should not be overcrowded.

Wall cupboards as an alternative

An alternative to a wall shelf are hanging cabinets. They also leave free floor space and can be easily mounted on any wall. Most pieces of furniture are now available in the hanging form. The hanging TV sideboard, for example, is preferable to the standing version if your space in the living area is very limited.

Wall hooks create storage space

You can create additional storage space on the wall not only in the living room or bedroom. For example, use small hooks on the wall in the kitchen to attach all kinds of cooking utensils. So they don't lie around untidy on your shelf or in the kitchen cupboard and are always ready to hand. Dish towels are also best kept on such hooks. There is another solution for more storage space in the kitchen: get a ceiling bracket, which is best fixed directly above your worktop. There are no limits to your imagination: You can attach wooden spoons and kitchen utensils as well as pots and pans to it. So you don't need any space in your kitchen cupboard for these kitchen needs and you can use this newly gained space in a different and meaningful way.

2nd tip: Use flexible shelving systems

Another way to create effective storage space is with flexible shelving systems. They have the advantage that they can be individually plugged together according to your room. Thanks to such shelving systems, you can skilfully use unused living space such as sloping ceilings. The shelf elements are available in different lengths and widths and can be combined with each other in every imaginable way. Such shelving systems not only offer you maximum storage space, but also look very decorative. The same applies to boxes and baskets. Use them to store books or other household items and your home will look a lot tidier. Such boxes and baskets can even be stowed under furniture or the bed and are not visible at all.

3rd tip: Buy multifunctional furniture

When buying your furniture, focus on quality and opt for high-quality models. So you can enjoy it for decades. Some companies have specialized in multifunctional furniture. Their advantage: They are ideal for small rooms because they offer additional storage space. The stools and side tables, which you can simply unfold, are particularly popular. Inside, these pieces of furniture offer space for magazines, pillows or other things. A bedside table that also offers storage space makes sense in the bedroom.

mirrors and mirror cabinets

If you only have a small bathroom, opt for a mirror cabinet instead of a simple mirror. Behind its doors you will find enough space for cosmetics or your toothbrush. What many do not know: A mirror enlarges the room optically. In small rooms, a large mirror makes perfect sense. If your entryway is very cramped, buy a large mirror if possible. There are now even models with an integrated cloakroom, so that you can use your space efficiently.

Console tables as a clever solution

Another popular way to style your hallway is the console table. It is usually a quite narrow table that can even be found in a narrow hallway. A console table not only brings more life to the entrance area, but also sets a nice accent in combination with a mirror. Of course, you can also place such a table in the bedroom. Is a normal dressing table too big for you? Then the console table is the ideal alternative and can even replace a bedside table.

Space saver sofa bed

Don't you have space for a wardrobe in the bedroom? Be flexible and simply set up the closet for your clothing in the hallway if more space is available here. The classic way to create more space in the apartment is definitely the sofa bed. If you only have a combined living room/bedroom, such a sofa is the ideal solution. During the day it serves as a seat and is simply converted into a bed in the evening.

Multiple use of furniture

If you have a rather small apartment, you have to think more practically. So if, for example, a living room table does not fit into your apartment together with a dining table, a single table is sufficient to fulfill both functions. A space that is also often unused is the space under the stairs. It is ideal for storing the ironing board, vacuum cleaner or cleaning utensils. Your book collection will also find space here if the living room does not have room for an additional bookshelf.

4. Tip: Decoration: yes or no?

Of course you should not do without decoration in your home. Only with individual pictures, figurines or candles does your apartment become unique. But don't make the mistake of filling every free space with a decoration element. This quickly looks untidy and makes your living space appear much smaller. Instead, rely on decorative items that combine the beautiful with the useful and offer you added value. Small example: Instead of individual photos or a photo collage on the wall, you prefer to opt for a picture ledge. Here you can display your favorite photos attractively and at the same time still have space for other items such as magazines or the remote control. Basically, when it comes to decoration, less is more – make sure you design your living space according to this principle.

5th tip: Use dead corners and angles

Continue to use so-called dead corners that exist in every apartment. A mini shelf can be found in every apartment, no matter how small. Here, too, pay attention to a rather minimalist design and opt for high-quality furniture. Shelves made of real wood are more durable and at the same time make your own four walls appear much more comfortable. Another insider tip for creating additional storage space: If you have very high living spaces, you can put a pedestal under the ceiling. Such a pedestal offers a similar amount of storage space as a complete attic. If you don't have one, the pedestal is ideal for storing your winter clothing here.


As you can see, small measures are enough to use even the smallest apartment effectively. One of the most important principles: try to attach as much as possible to the wall, leaving your floor free. This makes your living space appear much larger overall. Continue to use flexible and multifunctional furniture of high quality and use decoration more cautiously.

June 20, 2021 — Markus Schroer