Bedroom ideas in modern design

Bedroom ideas - rest and relaxation in the room

Sleep and relaxation are essential to maintain inner balance. In order to find ideas for your bedroom, start with the space available, its clearly defined function and your individual requirements. You will find the right furniture at MBK12 if you opt for a high-quality, aesthetic solution made of pure wood.

Read on for bedroom living room ideas:

The bedroom through the ages

Group sleeping has long been common practice. In ancient Rome, the triclinium had a kind of triple function: it was the parents' dining room, living room and bedroom all in one. In the adjoining rooms, the cubiculae, there is evidence of the children's bedrooms.

In the Middle Ages, owning a bed was so prestigious that it was placed in the reception and living room. In simple houses there was no differentiation. You slept on straw mattresses in a room.

With industrialization, tenements shot up, and urban space with its social segregation became the driving force. While some slept in one room with their large families, others opened up the bedroom as a separately designed room.

The interior design of rooms is always closely tied to space. If it is available, sleeping quarters can be created. If it is tight, solutions must be found.

Big rooms, small rooms

Sleep is essential. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious city apartment, you should not neglect your bedroom, but design it consciously. If you use a studio multifunctionally, you need the appropriate equipment. A room of rest offers the possibility of complementary retreat and conscious regeneration in the urban area. This is usually easier to achieve in rural areas.

When designing a bedroom, one point is central that is often neglected: concentrating on the room itself and resting. It is not uncommon for the bedroom to degenerate into a place of storage and storage. But reduction creates freedom. In the interior as in life. A bed and bedside tables supplemented by a wardrobe or a sideboard variant are sufficient. The furniture should be chosen appropriately for the room. The proportions have to be right.

With floating bedside tables you create a light atmosphere. MBK12 gives you the opportunity to design the wood and size yourself, creating custom-made furniture that exactly fits your bedroom and is also suitable for smaller rooms.

Muted colors, clear contours, focus on balance

In order to find the right concept for a bedroom, you can use three criteria as a guide:

  • 1. the space and its proportions or the space available to you in a multifunctional space
  • 2. the height and the lighting conditions to find the right color tone
  • 3. the material which should be natural to give you a sound sleep

Choose the softest possible colors for your bedroom. Anything flashy should be avoided. A clear concept is particularly important in this room. Solid wood furniture is perfect: it is hygienic, easy to clean, sustainable and durable. Opt for open, floating bedside tables, create a pleasant ambience in which you can find peace.

The advantages of furnishing bedrooms with MBK12 furniture

  • a solid workmanship through the use of high-quality materials made of oak wood and steel
  • Fast production and short delivery times thanks to complete production in Germany
  • an individual, timeless design that you can enjoy for a long time
  • Pieces of furniture that you can use flexibly and that fit into any living room thanks to their dimensions
  • many possible combinations with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 universe
  • free furniture advice and implementation of your wishes on request

These advantages make the small bedside tables one of the most popular pieces of furniture at MBK12 with a sharp increase in customer demand.

The modern design concept of MBK12

MBK12 is a unique furniture concept that combines the advantages of a furniture manufacturer with an individual, timeless design. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship round off the overall impression. MBK12 means - diverse combination options with other pieces of furniture from MBK12 through coordinated dimensions, a large variety of colors and shapes for even more choice and individualization and last but not least a coordinated design, which meets the spirit of the times.

The MBK12 product configurator

If you are not 100% satisfied with our furniture or if you can expand the variants yourself, we offer you the opportunity to put together your individual MBK12 furniture with a steel frame in our product configurator.

You can easily try out different variants on the computer. From the configurator you create a product suggestion that you can send to us with a mouse click. Based on your product configuration, we offer you free product advice and provide you with a non-binding price offer.

Here is the configurator

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about furnishing a bedroom

1. Which furniture belongs in the bedroom?

It is best to concentrate on the essentials: your bed and a place to put books and glasses on one or two bedside tables. A cupboard or highboard may be added if the bedroom is also used for dressing. Avoid anything that could turn the room into a closet.

2. Which colors are suitable for the bedroom?

Avoid flashy things. Choose shades of cream and muted colors. Blue and green tones have a calming effect and make it easier to fall asleep. Choose furniture and textiles in the right color tone and largely avoid patterns. Playing with structures is completely sufficient.

3. What materials are suitable for bedroom furnishings?

Natural fabrics are en vogue. Opt for wood and canvas. Try to grasp the materials that are already present in the room: glass, wood, clay or concrete are already given. Let them recur in the console, bedside tables, bed and closet fronts for a unified, soothing overall look.