Narrow rooms require a lot of attention, because you can do a lot wrong with their furnishing. With fine carpentry furniture from MBK12, you not only make more of your hallway, you also make statements of particular value.

Here you can find out what is important when designing narrow corridors.

The most important piece of furniture in the hallway

The wardrobe is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in the hallway. However, a narrow hallway does not tolerate an expansive wardrobe, even if it is a beautiful heirloom and deserves a place of honor. Instead, opt for a wall-mounted hanging wardrobe with sliding hooks to hang jackets and coats.

Fasten the cloakroom as high as possible so that the walkway is not blocked. Also avoid hangers that protrude into the room, as they make the hallway appear even narrower.

Shoe cabinet or chest of drawers in the hallway - a question of conscience?

Because we want to have the most important items with us quickly when leaving the house, most people want a wardrobe and umbrella stand as well as a seat and a shoe cabinet. But in the narrow hall this will be a difficult task - unless you decide on high-quality furniture that was specially developed for narrow halls.

Wall console solves space problems

One possibility is floating bedside tables or narrow wall consoles that do not protrude far into the room. A wall shelf can be a good alternative to the traditional shoe cabinet. If you mount it a little higher, your shoes will be off your feet and the hallway won't look cluttered either. The height and length of the shelves can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs. If you prefer the shoe cabinet instead of the console, you can also fall back on narrow models here. Compact shoe cabinets with a shallow depth can easily be placed against the wall in the hallway without blocking the walkway. Chic and space-saving alternatives are school dumpsters, in which all shoes are placed with the toes facing forward. You open the individual drawers by folding them forward.

A chest of drawers as an alternative

Anyone who can set it up in any way places a chest of drawers in the hallway. If it's narrow, the chest of drawers shouldn't be too deep. A good replacement for the traditional chest of drawers is a hanging sideboard that offers enough storage space. To make the hallway look homely, place a decorative key bowl, a plant or a beautiful vase here. Open, narrow console tables and wall consoles are ideal because they don't clutter up the space. The shoe chest is particularly clever – a contemporary mix of chest of drawers and shoe cabinet.

Here you can store shoes, scarves, hats, gloves and small items such as car keys. Does your hallway have a small niche? Great, be sure to use this space for a shelf. The decorative, narrow wall brackets from MBK12 are made of solid oak and cannot be overlooked with their elegant design. You simply attach the console body to the wall with two screws. The top is formed by three oak trays inserted in a guide, which can be moved sideways. The variant with an integrated magnet at the bottom, to which you can attach the keys, is also very practical.

Effective: narrow corridors appear wider with colour, light and mirrors

Corridors rarely have windows, but the lighting effect can still be used for design purposes. Bulky, hanging lights are out of place in a narrow hallway because they make the room look smaller. Ceiling lamps are the right choice and should have a lot of luminosity in the narrow hallway. If you use high-quality designer lights, then they must be the highlights in the hallway and must not be "trumped" by cupboards or chests of drawers. Make sure that the lamps illuminate the room evenly. LED lights and light strips are ideal for making a narrow hallway shine. They are inexpensive and are also suitable for staging a special piece of furniture.

Probably nobody would want to do without a mirror in the hallway, after all we all need to examine our appearance before we leave the house. Mirrors make a big impression in the narrow hallway, because here they fulfill several functions at the same time. Because mirrors reflect the light, narrow rooms appear much wider. If you don't have enough space for a full-length mirror, you can opt for a round or oval mirror above the shoe cabinet or chest of drawers. The reflections give the impression of having much more space. If you prefer the classic, subtle hallway furnishings, you should use the lightest possible wall colors. White and pastel colored walls make the room appear bigger. Strong colors should be avoided, especially in small hallways. With a darker painted front end, however, you can cleverly shorten a long hallway. Expressive colors are by no means a no-go in narrow hallways. If you are brave, you can also paint the floorboard in a strong color, but then at least the floor should be light and not have a restless pattern. An extra large corridor mirror creates additional spatial depth.

Conclusion on setting up narrow corridors

When furnishing narrow corridors, every detail counts. Before you start designing, you should make a plan. Always stick to the motto: "Less is more". With the furnishing solutions from MBK12 you get the best out of your hallway and make it a tidy living area where everyone feels welcome. All of our furniture is self-made solid wood furniture and is based on impressive new ideas. Especially in small rooms, they open up unimagined combination possibilities. Whether floating bedside tables, narrow wall brackets or console tables, MBK12 makes no compromises when it comes to quality - you can see that and you can feel it.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about narrow hallways

Why does my hallway seem cluttered?

Narrow corridors quickly appear cluttered and lose their charisma. Furnish with minimalist, clearly designed furniture. Put shoes away in the shoe closet to keep them from lying around. Narrow console tables and a few, but expressive, decorative elements provide the necessary flair. Do without runners and use a hard-wearing, uniform floor covering.

How should I paint my hallway to make it look bigger?

Light floor coverings, light baseboards and wall colors make the room appear larger. Make sure that the hall furniture takes up little space.

My hallway is long and narrow. How can I widen it optically?

Use two contrasting colors as design elements. The darker color on the narrow side makes the wall look closer, making the hallway appear shorter.
Alternative: Only paint the room halfway up with an accent color. The top half should be a lighter and cooler color than the bottom.

Can I also design a narrow plank with stripes?

Of course, stiffened wallpapers even have exciting effects. The height of the room is optically reduced with horizontal stripes, while vertical stripes have the opposite effect.

June 12, 2021 — Markus Schroer