New - Solid oak side table

emotional minimalist design

sophisticated craftsmanship

highly durable materials



Height 45cm Diameter 40cm

Pre-series - limited quantity before the official start of sales - can only be ordered today (August 20, 2023).

This round oak side table embodies true minimalism by offering a transparent view of aesthetics and functionality. Instead of hiding lots of useless items in drawers or behind doors, he encourages keeping only a few, but carefully chosen and visible things in the interior. The slats not only create delightful shadow patterns, but also create a semi-transparency that is symbolic of the openness of a minimalist lifestyle. This table is a reminder that true simplicity consists in getting rid of the superfluous and focusing on what is essential, both in our physical spaces and in our thoughts.


Height 45cm

Diameter 40cm


100% solid oak oiled

- Light oak - oiled

- Oak gold - oiled

- Oak stained black and oiled

Delivery time: in 4-5 weeks at home


New - Solid oak side table


New - Solid oak side table



delivery time

4 - 5 weeks

1. What are MBK12 bar carts made of?

MBK12's bar trolleys are made of metal. The insert boxes and trays are made of wood and can be combined with one another.

2.Do the bar carts have wheels?

The bar trolleys are equipped with castors so that they can also be used to serve drinks or food.

3. Why are MBK12 bar carts comparatively expensive?

Depending on the equipment, the bar trolleys from MBK12 cost from around 1,100 euros including VAT. The price is explained by the fact that these are individually manufactured items made of high-quality materials. MBK12 bar carts are built to last, not just until you move. Calculated over the potential useful life, bar carts from MBK12 are ultimately less expensive than you might think.