floating bedside table dark green oak

Product Description

Pair of narrow floating bedside tables with sliding tray, made of solid oak, lacquered in dark green. With visible natural wood grain.
A completely new and unique bedside table - concept, puristic and without superfluous. Deliberately without drawers, because their walls waste space unnecessarily and hide things that are not needed.

Filigree 4 mm edges due to walls beveled on the inside, the walls under the bevel are made of 12 mm solid oak. Floors are made of 5 mm birch plywood, veneered on both sides with oak. Treated with allergy-friendly hardwax oil.

The tray is 24 x 24 x 3 cm and protrudes 5 mm into the body.

Length 36cm
Width 24 cm + 2 cm wall adapter
Height 11.5cm

Price valid for two bedside tables.
Unless otherwise requested, the pair of bedside tables will be mirrored, the partitions are on the left and on the right.

No screws, no metal, only wood, handcrafted in forty different operations.

Fully assembled, screws and dowels for wall mounting are included. Floating wall mounting with two screws on which the floating bedside table is hung. A fixed wall adapter made of oak creates a distance of 2 cm from the wall. This makes the bedside table appear even more floating. In addition, cables can be fed through behind the bedside table, the wall adapter is set back three centimeters on both sides.

Our designs are based on the Japanese 5S principle - provide exactly as much space as necessary - no less and above all no more. They create order in style.

Handmade in Berlin.

Delivery time: up to 4 weeks

Wood is a renewable resource and biodegradable. When the trees grow, CO2 is bound. Only local oak is processed.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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